Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Elk Regional is an Economic Mainstay

Elk Regional Health System is an economic mainstay in this region.

Through its affiliate organizations, the Elk Regional provides residents in a large geographic area with easy access to a broad spectrum of essential health care services. But Elk Regional is also critically important as an economic engine.

We provide stable employment for nearly 1,100 people close to home, including:
  •     485 residents of St. Marys
  •     143 residents of Ridgway
  •     96 who live in Kersey
  •     93 residents of Johnsonburg
  •     37 who live in Emporium
  •     244 who live elsewhere in our region

Check out these factoids about our annual economic impact!
  •     Our annual economic impact is $141.1 million.
  •     Our 885 full-time equivalent employees enjoy an average annual salary of $46,922.
  •     Throughout the region, we support the employment of 1,503 people.
  •     Elk Regional spends $80 million annually.
  •     That annual expenditure supports another $61 million in local and regional spending.

It’s easy to see why a strong, vibrant community health system like Elk Regional is absolutely essential to the economic health of our region!