Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elk Regional Keeps Region's Workforce Healthy with Occupational Health Services

Elk Regional Health Center knows the importance of a healthy workforce. That’s why its Occupational Health Services department is committed to delivering the best in occupational health services to employers and employees at their workplace or at either of two convenient locations in St. Marys and Ridgway.

For more than 20 years, Elk Regional has served businesses and industries throughout the region with occupational health programs designed to help maintain a healthy and productive work force.

As the region’s premier source for comprehensive occupational health services, Elk Regional offers a full spectrum of care to local employees and their employers. Occupational therapists in the Health System’s Outpatient Rehabilitation department can treat injured workers and help them return to their jobs. The Occupational Health Services department works to keep healthy workers healthy and reduce the toll injuries take on local businesses.

“We hear company representatives say that people are their company’s most precious asset,” said Shelly Palumbo, the manager of Elk Regional’s Occupational Health Services department. “Because of the economic downturn, companies are leaner now more than ever, so it’s critical that employee time isn’t lost because of preventable health issues. Our services are designed to enhance the health, productivity and profitability of each company’s workforce.”

Through its Occupational Health Services department, Elk Regional offers a wide variety substance abuse services that include both federal and non-federal certified urine drug collection; federal and non-federal certified urine drug collection with MRO services; certified breathalyzer tests, including intoximeter and saliva alcohol tests; certified oral fluid drug collection; and certified hair testing for drug abuse.

The department also offers employee criminal background checks; post-offer physicals; annual physicals; assistance with acute workmen’s compensation injury management; CDL physicals; and job function tests.

The Occupational Health Services department also offers a variety of prevention services, including screenings for cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure problems; bone density; titmus vision exams; and venipuncture lab draw testing.

Available health screenings include hearing tests; lung function tests with interpretation; respiratory fit tests; chest x-rays; and lab tests designed to show whether the patient has an immunity to measles, mumps and rubella, and Hepatitis B.

“We also offer PPD tests for tuberculosis, Hepatitis B injections, flu shot vaccines, and tetanus injections,” Mrs. Palumbo said.

All of the employees in Elk Regional’s Occupational Health Services department are Safeland Certified, which means they are able to meet strict safety training standards for the gas industry.

“Industry throughout our region has always been an occupational mainstay – and that’s a legacy we’re proud to celebrate,” Mrs. Palumbo said. “For more than two decades, Elk Regional has been working in partnership with businesses and industries in our region to not only protect their workers and keep them healthy but to help ensure that employers have a highly productive workforce. We want workers and their employers to be as effective as possible. Our Occupational Health Services program helps ensure that they will be.”

For more information about Elk Regional’s Occupational Health Services, call (814) 788-5647. Information is also available online here.

Businesses that would like to schedule an informative program with an Occupational Health Services representative may call Mrs. Palumbo at (814) 558-6223.