Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Elk Regional Gives Back to LIFT

Elk Regional Health System employees recently made a donation to Life and Independence for Today (LIFT), a non-profit organization that works with people who have disabilities and enables them to achieve and maintain self-sufficient and productive lives. The donation was made through the Elk Regional Gives Back program, through which employees pay a small fee to wear jeans to work on some Fridays. Each month, the funds raised are collected and given to a local charity.

Pictured in the front row are, from left, Marilyn Eckert, Physician Billing; Joan Davison, Physician Billing; Robert Mecca, LIFT Executive Director; Hope Weichman, LIFT Program Manager and Cindy Feldbauer, LIFT Financial Manager. In the back row are Sue Goodrow, Physician Billing and Brenda Copelli, Physician Billing.